Justin Recore


“Never be afraid to chase an opportunity.”

With over ten years in the engineering field, Justin’s enjoyment of engineering and surveying results from the contribution he is able to make improving the lives of people; in a place for them to live, a school for their children, and new streets to alleviate traffic congestion.

He greatly appreciates working with other employees at CAPITAL Engineering, as well as interacting and collaborating with contractors and other consultants. “I find that I have been given wonderful mentorship in the civil engineering world, which is something I never had consistently. I enjoy the remote work setup and the flexible schedule, while still being able to meet clients’ deadlines and expectations.”

Outside of work Justin is an outdoor enthusiast with a passion for motorcycles, both on- and off-road. He and his wife, Chelsea, along with their labradoodle, Murphy, also love camping, boating and hiking together. He loves serving as his household’s hero and chief handyman, enjoying home improvement with his collection of “motorized toys”.

“Never be afraid to chase an opportunity. I am a big believer that everyone gets their chance to do so and the ones who succeed pay attention and seize them,” he advises. Justin is also guided by Dr. Emmett Brown, from Back to the Future: “If you put your mind to it, you can accomplish anything.”

Justin strongly believes in teaching others and being taught by others…

“is the only way for a person to grow and better themselves.”


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