Tina Guard, P.E., LEED® AP

Founder & Civil Engineering Maverick

“We’re all pink on the inside.”

Tina’s twenty-four year career in engineering came from a love of math, science, and all things black and white. Yet over the years she acknowledges that nothing is black and white and life is a fluid dance. This recognition allows her to appreciate the art of engineering––that design is a puzzle that requires harmonious teamwork with her accomplished colleagues.

Tina is proud of CAPITAL, the business she founded and built, and of the employees who have chosen CAPITAL. She has grown in wisdom, skill, and heart through the many challenges of business ownership. She brings her team to CAPITAL’S exceptional clients with confidence and conviction.

While each project has its own challenges and uniqueness, the scope of civil engineering projects is generally the same. What makes for a satisfying project, in Tina’s experience, is the joy in working in collaboration with a talented client team whose foundational value is win-win, who understands that most situations are not emergencies, and who appreciates the value CAPITAL’s own exceptional team brings to a project.

Outside of her business, Tina is a Whole Person Certified Coach (WPCC) and a Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT). She spends some of her time reading, hiking, and meditating and much more time with her life partner, Anthony, and their two pups, Joe and Maggie. Tina also sports ten tattoos and plans on more. Her advice to a random stranger?…

“Slow down, create white space in each day, and take time to notice your breath. And most of all, love every part of yourself and welcome all the parts home within.”


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