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CAPITAL Engineering is a whole-hearted ally of the LGBTQIA+ and BIPOC communities, Black Lives Matter movement, Me Too and Time’s Up movements, and any other marginalized humans or communities. Diversity, inclusivity and equity matter.

CAPITAL Engineering & Consulting - Eugene and Portland, Oregon

Lane Transit District Santa Clara Station

Eugene, Oregon
CAPITAL Engineering & Consulting - Eugene and Portland, Oregon

Lane County Developmental Disabilities Services

Eugene, Oregon
CAPITAL Engineering & Consulting - Eugene and Portland, Oregon

Mahlum PDX Studio

Portland, Oregon's first Living Building Challenge certified project.
CAPITAL Engineering & Consulting - Eugene and Portland, Oregon

Campbell Community Center

Eugene, Oregon
CAPITAL Engineering & Consulting - Eugene and Portland, Oregon

Jane Sanders Stadium

University of Oregon

CAPITAL Engineering & Consulting (CEC) is an outstanding and valued team, providing innovative design and high-quality civil engineering services. With collective decades of experience, including a LEED accredited professional, CAPITAL has a reputation for excellence and integrity, outstanding communication skills, and working collaboratively with owners, developers and design teams. Core values of client care, collaboration and communication have made CEC a vibrant, small company that handles larger projects ranging from $1 million to $200 million, as well as smaller projects of any size. CAPITAL provides a high level of service to our clients, as well as to our civil engineering team, by carefully managing resources of both, thoroughly reviewing the civil engineering needs and requirements of every project, answering questions a client may not know to ask, and being an advocate and trusted partner on every project, no matter its size.

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Our Services

Clarity and conscientiousness are at the foundation of the variety of integrated services our skilled and enthusiastic team provides to our clients.

Stormwater Management

CEC ensures that stormwater on every project site is treated properly and managed responsibly to minimize the impact of heavy rain...

Erosion Control & Permitting

Erosion control protects our fish and other aquatic life in waterways. To this end, a construction erosion control permit is almost always required...

Site Grading / Layout

Site grading, closely connected to stormwater management, determines where runoff water will go on site. The ability to reshape the ground...

Land Use Planning

CEC can act as the prime consultant for the design team for site related land use applications, such as Site Review, or work as a sub-consultant...

Vehicular & Pedestrian Plans

Similar to Site Layout plans, Paving Plans require a high level of detail and clarity to delineate various pavement areas, curb types, and...

Street & Utility Infrastructure

CEC's attention to detail and ability to navigate complex processes with ease serve our clients well during the public improvements review and permitting...


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